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After the mask comes off and social fatigue settles, the world can be a pretty grey place. Especially if your version of picture perfect comes from chasing second-hand dreams of well-curated social feeds. And let’s be honest, when hasn’t envy trickled from the glow of the screen and into your mind? You’d have to be a pretty “Good Liar” to convince us otherwise.

Despite social media’s penetration into our everyday lives, there hasn’t really been an elegant way to mention popular apps. Even the music director of Adele‘s “Hello” chose to use a retro phone. And that’s what gives BLAJK‘s newest song “Good Liars” the winning card. “Good Liars” runs high with energy and underlying sadness. Even so, it’s a song with that you can dance to thanks to the heavy undertone in Jordan Radics’ vocals.

This indie-pop band from Toronto is on tour for lucky Canadians (if you have friends in the country, definitely let them know!). We can’t wait for the EP to drop. Listen to BLAJK‘s “Good Liars” below:



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