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We’ve now got the final line-up of the fantastic two day music bender we’ll be witnessing in the fantastic Bastille district of Paris when Pitchfork Music Festival Paris sets us up with some Avant-Garde goodness. Taking place in seven different venues across the bustling 11th arrondissement of the French capital, many of the best international up-and-coming artist of the year will perform in intimate settings. It’s a great way to get to see and know the new blood in music right now, for the low price of 16 euros. A VERY good deal if you ask me.

It’s a chance to discover and preview the most exciting artists right now.

From Mabel, to Jordan Rakei via Loyle Carner, Jones, Okay Kaya, Skott, salute, Smerz, Alex Cameron and many, many more (check full line-up further down) we decide to suggest some of the hottest acts to play over these two days. Give you a little Street-Credo’meter action to guide you through them and maybe help you decide who’s worth seeing and plan your two night accordingly.

On 25th & 26th of October, wander around 7 emblematic venues in the Bastille area (Le Café de la Danse, le Badaboum, la Mécanique Ondulatoire, la Loge, le café de la Presse, le Supersonic and the Pop Up du Label) to catch 42 groups spread over 2 nights.

[title maintitle=”FULL LINE-UP” subtitle=””]

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Tues 25th oct. :

Mécanique Ondulatoire : Get Inuit, Hoops, Anteros
Café de la danse : Krrum, Loyle Carner, Frances
Badaboum : Dagny, Mabel, Fickle Friends
La Loge : Faroe, Cameron A G, Okay Kaya
Pop-up du label : Alfie Connor, Connie Constance, Cleopold
Café de la presse : Manast LL’, Kweku Collins, Jones
Supersonic : Klangstof, Smerz, Alex Cameron[/column] [column]

Wed 26th oct. :

Mécanique Ondulatoire : Lucy Dacus, Communions, Cherry Glazerr
Café de la danse : Robbing Millions, Adia Victoria, Thom Sonny Green
Badaboum : Skott, Jordan Rakei, Requin Chagrin
La Loge : Alyss, Anna of the North, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Pop-up du label : Pi Ja Ma, BEATY HEART, Isaac Gracie
Café de la presse : salute, Tirzah, Tommy Genesis
Supersonic : Fhin, Dark0, Kenton Slash Demon[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”] [title maintitle=”OUR ITINERARY” subtitle=”Green = Simmering, Orange = sizzling, Red = Hawt !”] [columns_row width=”half”] [column]

Tues 25th oct. :

Café de la danse : Krrum, Loyle Carner
La LogeOkay Kaya
Café de la presseJones
Supersonic : Klangstof, Smerz, Alex Cameron[/column] [column]

Wed 26th oct. :

Mécanique Ondulatoire : Lucy Dacus
: Skott, Jordan Rakei, Requin Chagrin
La LogeAnna of the North
Pop-up du labelBEATY HEART
Café de la presse : salute
Supersonic : Fhin[/column] [/columns_row] [columns_row width=”half”] [column]

[/column] [column] [/column] [/columns_row]

[title maintitle=”TICKETS” subtitle=”Buy after the jump :”]

A ticket is priced at 16€ for one night and will grant you access to all 7 venues around Bastille, it’s pretty fairly priced for those who want to discover new artists, and the up-and-comers of the year. We strongly recommend you get them early and plan your night ahead according to what you want to see live. Or you’ll be running from one venue to the next. Can be fun too. If you’re into that.

[button content=”Tickets for 25th October” color=”red” text=”white” url=”http://bit.ly/28XzAYS” openin=”_blank”] [button content=”Tickets for 26th October” color=”red” text=”white” url=”http://bit.ly/29gICkO” openin=”_blank”]


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