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Let’s put the ‘unk’ back into the ‘Funk’ here peoples. With the funky new track by Seramic called “Greg’s Love” (artist whom we covered extensively in the past). This time however, he’s not so much of an enigmatic persona anymore, and offers his fans, and audience a new portrait and a killer featuring by no other than the famed Bootsy Collins on vocals. Seramic delivers in high fashion just in time for his ‘Found’ EP to be released on all major platforms as well as unleashing a brand new video you can watch below.

The song began as a bass line sent to me by Greg, my bass player. Seramic explains, continuing : It was inspired by Bootsy Collins, which is why we’re so honoured he agreed to get involved. It asks its listeners to celebrate; to find something fresh and exciting, like falling in love again, and just let go.

Seramic has had a rather busy 2016 so far, and is yet to finish the year with a bang. The London-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is a brilliant pot-pourri of styles, and different blends of genres from the funk of the late Prince and the live bonanza of Sly & the Family Stone to the precious songwriting style of Tom Waits and Van Morrison via the true sound of gospel influenced by Sister Rosetta Sharpe to today’s D’Angelo, Seramic has it all concentrated into the begining of his career here.

Found EP is now available on all major music platforms :

[button content=”Spotify” color=”green” text=”white” url=”https://open.spotify.com/album/2nQRe0x5mQSGUNSSp4VckG” openin=”_blank”] [button content=”Apple Music” color=”purple” text=”white” url=”https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/found-ep/id1109060168″ openin=”_blank”] [button content=”iTunes” color=”gray” text=”black” url=”https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/found-ep/id1109060168″ openin=”_blank”]

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