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We’re getting closer to seeing WEIRDO + CO live it seems. As Josh Christopher, the mainman behind the band rallies musicians around for his WEIRDO + CO project. He’s got Pierre Leck and Rene Corbett onboard with him and should start touring from March onwards with an already quite impressive collection of tracks. And as an additional teaser of what to expect during their live set, here’s brand new and freshly baked “Mother Of Pearl” for you.

Their latest single “Mother of Pearl” is released via their new label imprint ‘Virtuous Sound’.

No Stevie Nicks and Queen’s LPs, No radio, No MP3s, They’re giving birth on DMT and every funeral’s on MTV

Listen and re-discover the previously shared tracks below. Don’t forget to follow their social estates for up-to-date and up the the minute news from WEIRDO + CO.

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