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Featuring Salem Khazali’s (From South London) pitch perfect and flowing vocals, the London-based but originally Belgian-born duo Vuurwerk released another great piece of music today via Run Tell Secrecy. The pair have been at work producing fellow Belgians like Glints in the past and we’re absolutely thrilled to hear they’ll be spearheading the Belgian music scene this year. From Brussels, the duo makes feverish, brilliantly produced electronica. The track “Face It” has a great wintery feel to it and has explained by the band themselves :

This is based on an idea that the our lives and minds have an innate rhythm, follow a pattern of descent and return, diving and emerging, hardwired into our nervous system. And that a story following this structure will resonate with others, causing intimate events to have an universal appeal.

Play the video above in full-HD glory for maximum entertainment and follow Vuurwerk online at their social profiles (linked below).

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