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Last Friday night, I did not have a Katy Perry-style house party, but I did party on a rooftop with mountain views and funky grooves in Bergen, Norway with Jakob and his band. Earlier in the evening, he played Bergen’s jewel of a venue, Landmark, where I ‘woo’ed, swayed and clapped as loudly as I could with a beer glass nestled between arm and chest. However, I certainly was out-danced by one Bergenite with near jelly-like limbs).

Ogawa and I met a few months ago in Berlin where I interviewed him (read here) and first saw him live. We got lost in conversation for about an hour and a half, and not only was I taken by his eloquence and passion, but also his sound which has the rare ability to lull the listener into a dream-like trance, pairing warm vocals with easy-on-the-ear drums and mellow, legato guitar.

His latest track, ‘You Might Be Sleeping’ is his first to feature another artist – in this case, 18 year old Clairo from Boston), and transports you to a peach-coloured bedroom with pink translucent curtains, allowing a soft haze of sunlight in. It recounts an easy, cosy romance with the power to melt away the blues.

As the European summer starts to tease its way into our cities, leave your room, mix up a fruit salad and park yourself in the park with Jakob Ogawa.

His debut EP, “Bedroom Tapes”, will be released June 16th, 2017, & yesterday was his birthday! Gratulerer med dagen homie!

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