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Sometimes, you just get flooded, literally flooded with great new tracks. This week is no different. Although we’d happily write-up all of them, we have to stay on top of our curation game and offer you a digestible bite-size amount of music so you don’t feel force-fed. And I know, it might just feel like we’re doing precisely this right now. But we’ve brought Cloud Droppings back because of popular demand by artists and because It’s a great way for us to shed light on tracks and acts that we loved, but couldn’t find the time to write about in a lengthy post on their own.

Here are five new tracks that have instantly caught our attention lately. There’s music for all tastes today in our Cloud Droppings #Rain edition. Discover, like and share around with your friends. Make sure you also follow these artists as they update their socials often.

[title maintitle=”CLOUD DROPPINGS” subtitle=”The 5 tracks we just couldn’t leave behind”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”SAL DULU”]

SAL DULU is a producer/instrumentalist from Dublin in Ireland. His third release to date.’Tyko’ has a pretty relaxing, “rainy day vibe” to the track. Loved every second of it. For fans of a trippier, hippier Massive Attack with an Irish twist to the craft.[/tab] [tab title=”THE GOLDEN AGE OF TV”]
A rhythmic stomper, destined for the luminous dancefloors of indie-discos of the future. Here’s the witty, addictive piece of music you’d wanna play to ignore each one of your fellow commuting travellers around you. Bus, train or boat? A perfect track to start your day. The Golden Age Of TV are an art-rock five-piece band from Leeds that [/tab] [tab title=”DARWIN”]

“Lost” is Darwin‘s new EP, self-produced entirely by the Parisian beatmaker himself. In an conscious effort to showcase the wide array of influences and electronic culture the young Paris based producer elegantly puts forth in his tracks, all the while doing it with the utmost delicacy and thought behind each layer, providing all the information to understand his moves and the culture that goes into making these sounds. He walks you through a very interesting visit of his inner-mind. Guiding you through his thoughts like a guide would through his hometown: Paris.
[/tab] [tab title=”HAUX”]


Haux is at it once again with “Heartbeat” and delivers another succulent slice of cold, ghost-like vocals and electro-folk (à la Maggie Rogers). Check out the track above…

[/tab] [tab title=”GEOFFROY”]

The best way to finish on a high with these Cloud Droppings is to add some instantly recognizable soul, instantly addictive synth-filled banger and a name the trade has already heard for sure. This is Geoffroy who collaborated with Canadians of Men I Trust in the past. Injecting lush vibrancy and great vocal presence throughout the track. Geoffroy manages to really make a permanent mark and a go-to artist for our daily listening habits. “Bad Habit” ? I don’t think so.
[/tab] [/tabgroup]


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