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Rising from Greenwich, South East London, 20 year old rapper and electronic producer Gyles Bartle drops his debut single ‘You’. The track showcases the young producer’s vast and wide ranging  influences from hip-hop to trap. Bringing a modern and his signature touch to the final result on his first solo attempt.

‘You’ is the perfect departure for Gyles Bartle. It’s a gentle dive into what he’s truly capable of. Inspired by the jazz and electronic music he was listening at the time of crafting the track. Worth noting about Gyles Bartle : ‘His sound was defined and developed through a life-changing trip to a formal hip hop workshop in Hastings back in 2012’.

Gyles Bartle debut single ‘YOU’ released May 11th is the first cut from forthcoming ’96’ EP out via Because Music.

Gyles says of the track:

When recording ‘You’ I was feeling quite detached from everything. Putting myself in this ball that felt like almost no one could see me in, which only made things worse. The night prior to making You I remember just laying back in my room literally just daydreaming. So the next morning I woke up; and naturally just came about making it.

Check out his first track ‘You’ below and spare a like, a follow on his socials as Gyles Bartle will rise further in the coming months, that is a given. Of course, we tagged Gyles’ track as  #BESTNEWMUSIC. Play it to find out why:

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