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Lex Low is an emerging artist and producer. The lad is currently based in London, but seems to spend a lot of his time in Los Angeles also. Before you pass any judgement of conflict of interest and for the sake of the disclaimer, he has also been writing for Sodwee.com back in the days. Now fully focused on his music career as a writer, producer, publicist for other like-minded artist. Lex Low, a.k.a. Alex has today released his latest track we heard roughly a month ago in it’s demo state. It’s titled “Temple” and sees the return of the almighty falsetto we’ve come to love and the brilliant blend of dizzying synths, precise guitars and melodic pop. The hook on this track is the money-maker here. So stick around for the chorus boys and girls, because you’ll be impressed…

Lex Low on his brand new track “Temple”:

Temple is my way of dealing with the realisation that sometimes you don’t have all the tools to help yourself in a particular moment. Sometimes you need another person to help pull you out of a slump. I wanted to express that asking someone for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it can be a beautiful necessity; one that helps you grow and develop a deeper relationship with both yourself and the other person.

Lex Low is currently working on new solo music, as well as production and writing for others. However, for the time being, do your earholes a favour and check out “Temple” below. Try to match the vocal heights it has to offer and understand why we’ve tagged this track as #BESTNEWMUSIC:

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