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To celebrate the birth of a new record label focusing on new gems and golden nuggets COOKIE RECORDS partnered up with Sodwee.com to quench your thirst in these heat-induced days and offer you the chance to win 3 compilations and/or tickets for the release party in Paris on June 15th to see a finger-licking good live lineup. Whether you’re finishing up school and celebrating A-levels, knee-deep in your studying to pass exams or you just have to chill out to new music, we’ve got you covered with a just-released compilation of awesome new tracks (out today June 8th) including the likes of BOLIVARD, DARLINN, DISCORAZOR, LES HIBOUX, LEBRON, MACADAM CROCODILE, MOKOA, PALLACE, PATAWAWA, SACRE, SUEDE and more to come… Listen to our favourites below:

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