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Greece has great musicians and a very active music scene. Athens, its capital, holds a special place in our hearts as one of the greatest blogs out there is originally from there. Cue, all hail Lagasta (Last Gas Station for the brave) and the constant stream of wonderful musical nuggets they provide.

However, not related in any way, but true to my late night transition inspiration at the moment. I thought I would introduce you – dear reader – to the grandiose debut album by Sworr. Whom released their eponym nine-track album back in March 2018 to local critical acclaim.

Having garnered sufficient support from their native country, they’re now decided to take on a little broader audience it seems. In comes, well you, yes you dear reader!

The greek trio, based out of Athens delivers quite the minimalistic punch with its deliciously produced electronica tracks. Lush swaths picture a bare landscape saddled by very organic vocals and well-penned lyrics. “Sworr.” the rather odd band name was originally used by John Tsallas to release his personal recordings as a producer but later evolved into a music collective with the addition of Robin K. and Thanasis Q as wicked sidekicks.

For Fans Of (#FFO) The XX, Chet Faker and a minimalistic male fronted Daughter.

Sworr. , inevitably, will draw you first impressions towards The XX and Chet Faker. And I’m pretty sure the band is all fine with that. However, they know all too well the comparison won’t stand long. And they forcibly demonstrate otherwise the deeper you listen to the other tracks on their debut album. We have featured a few more tracks here to give you a sense of their multifaceted artistry. It’s loaded with weapons of mass destruction. Hits after hits of emotionally charged numbers that delicately blend good old indie with more modern R&B and the aesthetics of lingering electronic music.

With Thanasis on the gentle guitars, John Tallas on the keys and Robin on vocal duty. The trio has all our boxes checked to become something truly special in this world. Sooner, rather than later in fact.

Listen to the whole album on your preferred platform, buy their merch and follow their musings on their socials. Sworr. is bound to grow and it can’t be without you folks.

Buy / Stream “Sworr.”, their debut album.

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