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Washington DC based five-piece “rock ‘n soul” band Oh He Dead is digging up vibes that are all too hard to find in this day and age. Honest and raw, soulful and sexy, their latest track “Show Me Love” is exactly the dose of organic good vibrations the cooler weather calls for.

Singer C.J. Johnson has drawn comparisons to Tracy Chapman and Stevie Nicks, and not for nothing. The vocals on “Show Me Love” are honey-sweet and rich, bringing the stories of the lyrics to life over the easy-going, light-as-air instrumentation. This is one to make your heart warm, and the band puts it better than I could hope to:

[Show Me Love] is being young, and in love, and full of unabashed hope. It is walking down the street with the object of your affection, stealing glances and suppressing grins and waiting for that moment when they finally shine back at you

Do yourself the favor of taking a walk through the world of “Show Me Love”. The band’s debut album is on the way.


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