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We at Sodwee.com are not usually the ones to talk about remixes, covers and extended mixes of previous tracks. We tend to lean towards original content and new, fresh music to rant about. Yet, when Champs came around to let us know their extended mix of “Shadow Of The Sea” hit was available we had a double-take. The synth-pop number, recorded with producer Sean Oakley (of Frank Ocean, Portugal The Man, Georgia and James Blake fame) had us hooked from the first few seconds of it playing through our eardrums. The British brothers initially released their third album “The Hard Interchange” back in the summer of 2019 to rapturous acclaim. “Shadow Of The Sea” comes full circle, inviting as it sounds. With a dancier edge and great production to boot. The extended mix brings the best mood out of a quarantined soul like mine and many others out there.

The track was recorded in one night in a monastery on the Isle Of Wight while a storm was raging above them. Only emerging in the early morning with a finished product to share to the world. David and Michael Champion are two brothers and have released a string of interesting albums and went on to tour extensively for each. “The Hard Interchange” is their latest album effort, listen, share (below) and watch the Extended Mix version of “Shadow Of The Sea” (above).

The Hard Interchange

is out now via BMG. Listen/share HERE.

Of the new album, Michael says:

“[It] has nearly killed us, broken us and saved our lives simultaneously. It documents three years of highs, lows, heartbreaks, adventures, love, hate and everything in between.”


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