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Mirror Kisses is a Virginia based synth duo created by pop wunderkind George Clanton (‘Kid’s Garden,’ ‘Music To Take Drugs To’) and we’ve been huge fans since we discovered their “Soaking Wet” EP just before Christmas. And in particular their track “Slow Lover” we have also featured in one of our Sundaze playlists already. But these guys are back in a big way. Today releasing a single from their forthcoming album “Heartbeats” called “Runaways”. The record will be printed on white vinyl, with a full-color professionally printed jacket. I know it is asking a lot to invest in an album that you haven’t even heard yet, but I will tell you now, everyone’s favorite unreleased track ‘Kameron’ is on this album., so Mirror Kisses have a kickstarter.com project which is closing pretty soon and to boost things a little they are giving away these two tracks to their fans (that must include you by the way) :

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