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Fifteen killer Tracks available right now in Sundaze #71. It does not get any better and kicks off with no other than Yoko “You-only-live-once” Ono and her band Plastic Ono Band featuring Adam Horovitz and Mike D from almighty Beastie Boys ! And the track is UBER-groovey if you ask me  (not too sure about the whole album thought). From long time classic revisited by newcomers to very new, very dope tunes outed in the past week, here’s your weekly Sunday Selection. Awesome artwork by Paul Grelet as always ! Check out his stuff over at www.paulgrelet.com.

As always, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the best new tracks around as we carry on digging during the week… You’ll get prime cut on the awesomeness we come across and generally speaking, BE THE COOL KID ON THE BLOCK. Go ahead and download the dollops of awesomeness right now :

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Sundaze #71

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