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Now, now… This is absolutely pure luck on my part, I nearly missed this finger-licking good music if it wasn’t for an acquaintance on HumanHuman.be who roams by the name of Missy Scheinberg (you can HH her profile here, and embrace her selection of the raaaadest finds)… Kudos to Jorge too for putting it out there for us drenched northern hemisphere dwellers to appreciate. We first heard the exquisite featuring on MANSIONAIR’s “Hold Me Down” and could not help but venture deeper into the music. And boy, Frenchies alike, will totally dig your sound ! Read the band’s bio :

Revier is a combination of beautifully intense vocals and haunting hooks, channeling rock, blues, country and folk, that give Revier their marvelously unique sound. Having grown organically from singer Jack Froggatt’s solo project, the band maintains the honest, raw sentiment of a solo act, whilst having developed their more mature, complex sound as a four piece.

It’s amazing how Australia can churn out talent this quick ! We’ve just introduced LUPA, from Sydney and Revier pop-up ! And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” cover is also a true dollop of loveliness… Get a spoonful below :

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Download : Coins On Your Eyes  Download : Alexander  Download : Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (cover) 

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