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From Belgium, sung in English (for the most part), comes some warm air with a chance of sunny spells. Band La Plage is a three-piece signed to Honeymoon who also signed talented artist like Anna Of The North earlier in the summer and now just released “Rendez-vous” (Sept. 30th), their debut track. But at the same time felt compelled to offer their fans a little more by giving an appetizer for music to come. Hence the “Mark” track available for streaming.

With inspiration drawn from Tellier and Timberlake clashing together into a warm fuzzy dream only Belgians could come up with. It’s really no doubt, Belgium is fast becoming the promise land for this kind of music ! Band is formed around Flore, Loïc and Nico. Listen to “Mark” (above) and “Rendez-vous” (below)… Make sure you follow their social estates at the same time, you do not want to miss out on their next release !

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