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WEIRDO has been around for some time. We traced his identity since the first track he posted (“Butter”). However we kept it under wraps as requested by the man himself. Until today that is. Premiering his brand new killer track “Sapphire” on WMagazine as well as revealing himself to the public. This young man originally from the UK has recently moved to Berlin to get away from it all and pursue music. WEIRDO was born then. First with the track “Butter“, then came “Armanio” and more recently the kick-arse “Attitude“. A string of complementary tracks that forge a character, temperament.

Josh Christopher -his civil name-, used to evolve in Brighton based band Iyes he formed back in 2013 before calling it off for a period of time to concentrate on their solo careers. With “Sapphire” now out in the public, it’s no doubt the Berlin based artist will hit the road soon enough. I hear early 2017, maybe sooner ? Who knows. Let’s be patient, embrace the fact we have brand new material to toy around with until then.

“Sapphire” is one hell of a good track. It’s about a friend or lover, that turns out to be not as good of gem (Sapphire, here obviously). It’s a dark pop tune like no other out there at the moment. Something to sing along to while you pour tears over someone and ‘feeling blue’ (see the connotation here, clever huh) and has Wmagazine suggests, it is Josh’s favorite color. Anyway, listen below, enjoy, self-harm and come back to me with your reactions.

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previously shared tracks by WEIRDO”]

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