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Francesca Bergami a.k.a. Lyves, has been on our radar for quite some time now. Wowing us and checking all the boxes with a collaboration track titled “Body Close” – another must listen – with Manchester-based bass producer Synkro… (listen to that particular track below). We knew from the get go, that Bergami’s voice would ring and find echo within many connoisseurs circles, all the way up to the heavens of the music industry where she managed to snag the opening slot for Coldplay for a string of 15 stadium packed dates across Europe. While on tour, she managed to write some new material we are finally able to hear… If that’s any indication of her talent, then I don’t know what is.

Today she dropped her best track yet, a track we named #BESTNEWMUSIC because from the first listen a couple weeks ago, we totally fell for the big arena as well as the intimate venue potential the track holds. Produced by Lyves along with Will Night the track features some otherworldly vocals by Francesca over some crisp percussive electronic elements and a slowly building synth chord.

Francesca says about the track:

I wrote ‘Cover Me’ around 3 years ago, but it ended up as a lost, unfinished demo until I came across it again by accident this year while writing in Devon. Hearing it after so long re-ignited how I first felt writing it and led me to finish the song. I feel the song speaks about the tug and pull in relationships – that internal conflict that can arise between wanting stability and security vs independence.

Don’t waste any more time with my blurb, and click play on Lyves brand new track “Cover Me” right here:

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