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Amsterdam based duo City Park, made of Saux and Sjaak return today with a head-turning – almost too cool – R&B crossover ‘Getaway’, their newest single announcing the drop of a new EP in early 2020.

City Park are Saux & Sjaak. For fans of a super-powered mutant between the best of Peter Gabriel, Blood Orange, Majid Jordan and a hint of Prince dapperness.

In the realm of sultry tracks, it’s hard to find anything as consistent and as top of the shelf quality City Park delivers. After the two previous tracks Symbolic Love’ and Nights Never End. One would have thought it would be hard to top. Well, think again. Because “Getaway” will once again floor your expectations a little deeper. It is yet another take on young love. Although very much understated, the track talks about “falling for someone who’s still seeing someone else: a morning after story that plays on the need to resist and wanting more at the same time.

As heard on Sodwee’s Mixtape:

As the band puts it further:

“The title “Getaway” also has two meanings: on one hand it’s the urge to escape the situation as a whole, on the other it’s a cry to run away together.”

They have enlisted Zarlasht Zia to come up with visuals on the artwork this time. And it’s a winner. Take a listen and don’t forget to share your comments below and of course this around.


available from 18th October.


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