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If you had enough of waiting for a non-existant Azealia Banks album release / show near you. You should really turn onto this very prolific Australian emcee in the name of Tkay Maidza.

It’s the kind of tracks you wish you had playing at your school reunion, only BETTER. Like an AK-47 fully loaded with colorful hip-hop ammo and backed by plenty of references and diverse influences. Her flow strongly relies on beats by crazy dude from another space continuum, I name Elk, the producer.

We were caught wiggling our backside to Uh-Oh earlier and in no shame, what so ever, declared to the intervening individual (my father) that “this was the sound of the future“. To which I couldn’t even record the slightest reaction. Another generation all together I think.

She’s been at it for a little while now, but has sent some of her latest tracks to the infamous Triple J network back in Adelaïde to amazing acclaim. She is now touring extensively around the country and should be headed for international success pretty soon. She says of her track “Uh-oh” :

A shout out to all the people that pretend to like you and be your friend.

I strongly recommend you listen these tracks also. Testament to the high-power swivel-chair drift you might take while listening. We especially love “Brontosaurus”, check those out too in fear of missing out :

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