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We’ve long been Melis fans here at Sodwee, and for good reason. The Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer is always good for an authentic, honest song, and her latest – the lush and sparkly “Feeling Fine – is no exception.

A dive into the cursory moments of infatuation that accompany online dating, “Feeling Fine” captures a sense of transience with a sound that’s light and fleeting yet full of feeling. The contrast of Melis’ own delicate vocals and the deeper harmonies from collaborator YASHA makes for a gorgeously full performance – and one that makes the song’s hot-and-cold sentiments hit that much harder.

I’m not trying to settle down
But tell me, can you stay forever?
I’m not tryin’ to kill the mood
But can we go back home together?

Melis’ upcoming 5-track EP Apex is set for an August release, and our calendars are marked. Take a scroll through Tinder matches of days past, and hit play after the jump.


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